About Us

The Paragon of Madisonville has been leading the way in assisted living and supported independent living for over ten years. As an attorney, Mark Lee, president of The Paragon, helped write Kentucky’s first assisted living statute that took effect in 2000 and most recently drafted House Bill 444 that expanded the services that can be provided to residents of assisted living communities. This bill unanimously passed the Kentucky House and Senate and was signed by Governor Beshear on March 30, 2011. Mr. Lee also serves on the board of Kentucky Assisted Living Facilities Association (KALFA) to ensure that residents across the Commonwealth receive the highest quality of care.

Being locally owned and operated means that The Paragon is committed to Madisonville and it’s residents. Important decisions are made right here by people who live in our community and each of us feels the impact of those decisions.

The Paragon’s hands-on team members are trained above and beyond government requirements and daily live out the highest standards of integrity. Having strong support from the owners has resulted in long-term employees who care as much for our residents as for their own family.

The Paragon team is deeply committed to the meaning of its name . . . a pattern or model of excellence, and fulfilling its mission by offering cost-effective quality care personalized for the individual’s needs, including:

Fostering independence for each resident

Treating each resident with dignity and respect

Promoting the individuality of each resident

Allowing each resident choice of care and lifestyle

Protecting each resident’s right to privacy

Nurturing the spirit of each resident

Involving family and friends, as appropriate, in care planning and inplementation

Providing a safe, residential environment

Making The Paragon a valuable community asset

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