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Don't Fall for it

Don't Fall For It

Falls are the number one cause of injury for the older person. Broken bones and head injuries are common after falls and they can often impact baseline health. Age is the biggest risk factor for falls, but that is due to the increased rate of health conditions that impact vision and coordination. Macular degeneration, diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease are three examples of conditions that can lead to an increased risk of falling.

While there is no way to completely erase the chances of falling, consider the following ways to reduce your risk:

-Remove Clutter

Removing clutter reduces the risk of tripping and falling. Ensure that all items are out of your common pathways and put away so they cannot fall.

-Use Adaptive Equipment Properly

Adaptive equipment is only helpful if it’s used properly. Make sure rails are properly attached and secured before using. Ensure that walkers and wheelchairs are locked before trying to transfer to one or the other.

-Use Nightlights

Making sure areas are well lit can reduce the risk of falling. Use nightlights to illuminate the path from your bedroom to your bathroom.

-Pay Attention to your Medications

Some medications can cause drowsiness and fogginess, which can increase the risk of falling. If you have concerns about your medications, schedule a conversation with your doctor or pharmacist.

-Stay hydrated

Being dehydrated can impact blood pressure, and can sometimes contribute to other health conditions like urinary tract infections. These conditions can impact your awareness and increase the risk of falls. Staying well hydrated will lessen the risk of developing these conditions.

-Leave Rugs Behind

While a decorative area rug can really bring a space together, rugs are notorious for being trip hazards. While avoiding rugs altogether would be ideal, if you must have a rug, make sure that it is on a non-slip mat.

-Rethink Your Footwear

Consider using nonslip socks and shoes to reduce the risk of slipping on slick surfaces

-Stay Active

Use it or lose it! Make sure to engage in safe exercise to maintain muscle tone. Healthy muscles will help you stay steady on your feet.

While no living arrangement can totally erase the chance of a fall, The Paragon offers a safe single-story living area for seniors. Our bathrooms come equipped with grab bars, walk in showers, and adjustable shower seats. Our rooms also feature nightlights for easy nighttime navigation. We also offer 5 weekly exercise classes to help keep muscles strong!

Does The Paragon sound like a good option for you? Schedule your tour to see our community for yourself.

Looking for other resources? Check out this article on falls from the National Institute on Aging.

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