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Staying Hydrated

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

As summer gets into full swing, the days are getting longer- and hotter! Because up to 60% of the adult human body is composed of water, it’s extra important to stay hydrated during these warmer months.

What Water Does

Not only does water help regulate your temperature and flush the body of wastes and toxins, but it also helps lubricate your joints! In order to perform these functions, the average adult needs 2-3 liters of water a day. In the event that you are not consuming enough water, you could experience dehydration. Dehydration can result in health problems like headaches, fatigue and urinary tract infections. Older adults are at higher risk for dehydration because their sense of thirst becomes less accurate and their body’s ability to store water changes. Check out our tips for staying healthy and hydrated this summer:

Drink plenty of water!

Firstly, the best way to combat dehydration is to drink plenty of water. Consider keeping a fancy cup full of cool water with you at all times for easy access. Instead of drinking plain water, consider adding fresh fruit for additional flavor as a refreshing treat. For example, our residents love adding lemon and strawberry slices to their water to make it easier to sip on throughout the day.

Stay cool!

Another tip is to stay cool! Our bodies lose water through sweating, so subsequently, staying cool can help keep you hydrated! Engage in indoor activities as much as possible so that you can enjoy air conditioning. If you’re going to be outside, pick a place in the shade and take frequent breaks so that you don’t get too hot.

Review your medications!

Some medications make it harder for your body to reserve fluids, consequently, increasing your risk for dehydration. Don’t change your medications without consulting your doctor, but be aware that you may need to drink more water to compensate for side effects. For example, some common medications that have side effects of dehydration are diuretics, blood pressure and diabetes medications and mood stabilizers. All in all, if you do have concerns about your medications, make a point to talk with your doctor.

Change your diet!

What’s more, drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated. In fact, many fresh foods have a high water content. Try adding foods like cucumbers, strawberries, melons, tomatoes and celery to your diet to add in another water source. Ice burg lettuce is a particularly great source of water and makes a great base for a yummy summer salad (check out our recipe below if you’d like). If you’re looking for a tasty treat, enjoying an occasional popsicle is great for staying hydrated, too- as long as you watch your sugar intake!

In conclusion, staying hydrated is integral to your health. More importantly, though, these fun tips make it easy!

This Month’s Recipe- Hydrating Summertime Strawberry Salad

Serves 5 Main Ingredients

  • 4 Cups Baby Spinach

  • 4 Cups Shredded Iceberg Lettuce

  • ½ Cucumber, sliced in rounds

  • ½ Red onion, sliced thin

  • 1 c strawberries, sliced

  • ½ cup diced tomato

  • 2 celery stalks, sliced

  • 1/3 c cheese crumbles (feta, blue cheese or goat cheese are all great in this salad!)

Optional Ingredients

  • Croutons

  • Watermelon Chunks

  • Other Seasonal Berries

  • Sliced nuts (almonds, pecans and walnuts are all welcome options)

  • Seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic; all to taste)

Firstly, add salad greens to a chilled serving bowl. Add toppings. Then, mix with tongs if desired. We also suggest dressing the salad as you serve, so it stays crisp. While any dressing can go with this salad, we suggest using balsamic or poppy seed for a sweet but tangy flavor.

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